How to Send SMS to Germany

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Lower international communication costs by sending text messages to Germany.

When you have contacts in Germany with whom you need to communicate, it can become rather expensive talking over the telephone. In order to cut down on the costs of communication, you can communicate via SMS (text message) instead. Most mobile service providers in the United States offer the ability to send text messages to Germany. The cost for sending your messages will vary by provider.


Step 1

Contact your mobile service provider to see if international text messaging is already enabled on your phone. If international text messaging is not enabled, request that the provider enable the feature. Depending upon the mobile service provider, you may be charged a fee to enable this feature. If you plan to send a lot of text messages to Germany, consider subscribing to an "International" text messaging plan to lower your costs.


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Step 2

Verify with your mobile service provider the cost for each text message you send to or receive from Germany.

Step 3

Open the "SMS" or "Text Message" application on your cell phone. This is generally done through your "Menu" applications, but will vary by phone.


Step 4

Select the "New" or "Compose" option to send a new message.


Step 5

Type "+" and the country code for Germany (49) in the "To" field, followed by the German telephone number.

Step 6

Press the "Send" option to send your international text message.

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