How Do I Find Someone's Email Via Twitter?

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Use the Twitter bio information of someone to find her email address.
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Twitter does not offer a way to directly email anyone on the service, but with some sleuthing, you may be able to discover an email address. The bio for the user in question is the best place to start, as she might use it to display her contact information. If not, other personal information displayed in the bio, such as her real name, place of employment or links to other websites can be helpful in narrowing down your search. Asking the user for her email using a tweet or direct message may also yield results, provided you explain who you are and why you need the information.


Check User Bio for Information

Twitter users sometimes post additional information about themselves, including contact information, on their bios. A Twitter bio can contain no more than 160 characters, so the user may not list her email address there. To view someone's bio, click her Twitter username on your feed or use the Twitter search box to search for her Twitter username. The bio information is displayed beneath her Twitter username on the profile summary page or in the left column when viewing the full profile.


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Even if the person does not list an email address in his bio, the profile page might still contain enough information for you to locate the email address through other means. Twitter allows a user to list the addresses of a home page or blog on his profile. Follow the link from his profile and check the "Contact" section of his site or blog for an email address. If the person does not have his own website or blog, check if he lists the company where he works and then visit the company website for further contact details. Another search avenue is to scan his tweets for links to an external source with contact information.


Contacting User by Direct Message

If the person does not list his email address, website or company information on his profile, you can request the address from him using a direct message, which can only be seen by the recipient and is not available to the public. To send a direct message, the receiver must follow you on Twitter. If the person does not follow you on Twitter, send him a tweet requesting a following or explaining why you want to converse by private messages.


In situations where you are not able to contact a Twitter user by a direct message or receive no reply to your tweets, the only option is to perform a keyword search using a real name. Real names are displayed above the Twitter handle on Twitter profiles or in bold next to Twitter handles on tweets. While Twitter recommends that users use their real name in the name field so people can recognize them, this is not mandatory. Use a search engine to perform a keyword search on the user's name. A search on other social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Instagram or LinkedIn may also yield results. Even if the person did not use her real name, she might have used her Twitter username on other sites or forums, which can provide a way to make contact.




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