How Do I Find the HP Wireless Security Key?

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After setting up a wireless network, it is common for some users to forget their security key on their HP because the key sometimes consists of randomly generated letters and numbers. If the HP cannot connect to the wireless network, then it will have to be plugged into the modem directly with an ethernet cable or USB cable to have access. Luckily, finding the key is not very hard or time-consuming and can be done in a matter of minutes.


Accessing The IP

Wireless network keys are always in a central spot that can be accessed from any computer on the network, including the HP if it can access it. Whenever looking for information about the network, the answer to all of the questions will be inside the IP. The IP that will need to be entered into the address bar of the Internet browser is and inside there, the inner workings of the HP's network can be found.


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Most modems have an Advanced tab where the wireless settings will be located. Clicking on that, everything about the wireless network will become available from the name of the network to the security key. This key will normally be a series of numbers and letters in a binary form and last about 10 to 12 characters. After writing this down, you can enter it into the HP and save it for future use.