How Do I Transfer a Word Document to an iPhone?

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The iPhone is a smart phone device made by Apple to allow users the best quality Internet access and PDA applications all at the touch of their palm. The iPhone syncs up with iTunes to allow users to store music, video and pictures from their computer onto their iPhones. Even though this is a useful feature, the iPhones did not have a direct way of uploading Word documents onto them when they were first released. However, through new software and loopholes, users can now put Word documents on their iPhone.


Syncing the iPhone for Word Documents

While iTunes will sync your iPhone and allow you to upload music, pictures and other documents onto your iPhone it will not allow for you to upload word documents or pdf files. However you can sync your iPhone with a number of e-mail services like Gmail or Hotmail and e-mail the desired documents to yourself so that you can access them on your iPhone. To set up an e-mail account on your iPhone touch the "Mail" icon on your home menu. If you are using a Microsoft Exchange, MobileMe, Gmail, Yahoo or AOL e-mail account touch the icon for the corresponding service. If you are using another provider touch the "Others" icon. The iPhone will then ask for you to provide your username and password, enter this information and press enter. The iPhone will then attempt to connect to your e-mail account with the information you provided.


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Air Sharing

Another method for getting Word and PDF documents onto your iPhone is through a process called "Air Sharing." Air sharing is a free application you can download from the iPhone app store that allows your iPhone to wirelessly connect to your computer so that you can access your files from your iPhone. To use this application, download the "Air Sharing" application and run the setup on your iPhone. Once the software has had a chance to update simply connect your iPhone to the wireless network like you would a laptop or other device. Next, approve your connection by adding http://your-iPhone-IP-address:8080 to the allowed connections in your "Network Connections" on your computer. Now a "Air sharing" folder. Anything that you create or move into this folder will be accessible on your iPhone via the "Air Sharing" option. Vista users might have some difficulties setting up their connection. If you are getting error messages on your computer or errors on your iPhone saying that you cannot connect using the Air Sharing connection try setting up the Air Share program as the administrator user.