How Do You Set the Homepage for the Browser on an IPad

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Safari is preinstalled on every version of the iPad.
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Although your iPad's Safari Web browser lacks the feature to set a homepage, you can still open your favorite Web page with one tap by using the browser's Add to Home Screen feature. The feature adds a shortcut to a Web page in the form of an icon -- called a Web Clip -- which you can access on your device's Home screen. Depending on the website's developer, the icon that represents the Web Clip may be the website's main logo, a specific icon for the Web page you used or a snapshot of the Web page.


Step 1

Tap the "Safari" app on your iPad's Home screen to launch the browser.

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Step 2

Browse to the Web page that you want to add to your device's Home screen.

Step 3

Tap the "Share" button resembling an arrow exiting a rectangle.


Step 4

Tap "Add to Home Screen," then enter a name for the Web page in the open field.

Step 5

Tap "Add" and the Web Clip appears on your iPad's Home screen.

Step 6

Tap the Web Clip to open the Web page in Safari.


Add your favorite Web page to Safari's Bookmarks folder to access the page while you are using the browser. Browse to the Web page, then tap the "Share" button. Tap "Bookmark," then enter the Web page's name in the open field. Tap "Location," then select "Bookmarks." Tap "Save" to add the page to your Bookmarks folder.

To change the Web Clip's location on your iPad's Home screen, tap and hold the Web Clip until it starts shaking, and then drag it to its new location. Press the "Home" button to save the new location.

You can delete the Web Clip like any other app. Tap and hold the Web Clip until it starts to shake, then tap "X." Tap "Delete" to remove the Web Clip, then press the Home button.


Information in this article applies to an iPad running iOS 7.1. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly with other versions and products.


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