How to Access a Toshiba Service Menu

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It is easy to access your tv menu.
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The Toshiba LCD TV service menu is used to access and change advanced features on the television set. Adjustments to functionality, picture size and quality and general settings are all manipulated through the service menu. Traditionally, the service menu settings are accessed by a service technician to make changes but they are just as easily accessed and changed by the individual television owner.


Service Mode Toshiba

Toshiba television sets most often operate without issue under the factory settings. Changing the factory settings can interfere with normal operations, however, and users must access the service menu for specific purposes. Making a change that interferes with normal operations may require a full factory reset to return to normal settings.

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Access the service menu only if absolutely necessary. In most cases, access is for specific repairs and adjustments to the factory settings. If the television is operating normally, skip the service menu access and continue using under the standard factory settings. If the picture is sized incorrectly or the functionality is not working, the hidden service menu is the place to make adjustments.


The best use of the service menu is the full factory reset option. The factory reset is a solution for a wide variety of consistent problems, because it returns the television to the original, out of the box functionality. It will however remove any custom settings when the memory is wiped and returned to a new state of play, so keep this in mind before you reset.

Service Menu Instructions

A remote control is required to access the service menu, and ideally, you will have the original remote control because this makes the process easier. Access through the mute method is a common and simple means of entering and manipulating the service menu. It doesn't matter if you have an LCD or you're looking for the Toshiba LED TV factory menu, the process is the same regardless of the screen technology. There is a different code used for a specific factory reset on LCD TVs however.


Begin by turning on the television and turning down the volume to the lowest setting. Press the Mute button two consecutive times on the remote control. Press the Mute button a third time but hold the button while simultaneously pressing the Menu button. Release both buttons when the service menu launches.

Once the service menu has launched, use the up, down and side arrow buttons to navigate the menu and access the desired areas for changes and alterations to the system. Navigating the menu itself is simple once it has been launched through a series of specific instructions.


Alternative Access Methods

The mute method with a remote is simple but you can also gain access to the service menu through a combination of the control panel on the television and the remote control. Sometimes this is necessary because the remote control is not original and the mute method fails to launch the service screen. As an alternate method, hold the Down button for the television volume, then press and hold the number 9 on the remote control for several seconds. This will launch the service menu for the television.


If the menu fails to launch, check the parental controls and turn them off. Parental controls can block access to the service menu and should be shut down to prevent conflicts. Additionally, connected devices can create conflicts.

The service menu is only for the television and factory settings for DVD players and external sound systems will also require a separate set of instructions to access those specific devices. Consult the instruction manual for connected devices to change settings outside the control of the television.