How to Access the Menu Without the Remote

Manufacturers include a remote control with every television set to enhance your viewing experience. With the remote control, you can browse through channels and set the volume level, as well as change your TV's settings by accessing its menu. Usually, accessing the menu on a TV is as simple as pressing the Menu button on its remote; however, if your remote runs out of batteries, gets misplaced or breaks, you will need to access the menu through the actual television box. Fortunately, all TV manufacturers provide this feature.

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You can swiftly access your TV's menu by using the Menu button on the actual device.


Turn on your TV by using the "Power" button displayed on the upper region of your TV screen. Usually this button will be laying flat on the edge of your TV's body; however, depending on your specific model, the "Power" button may be on the right or left side. In some TV sets, the buttons may be concealed behind a centralized panel located below the TV's screen. To access the button if this is the case, simply press the panel until it clicks and opens.


Look at the buttons that are displayed beside the "Power" button. These buttons are meant to match the function of some of the most indispensable buttons presented on your TV's remote control. For instance, these buttons will include "Volume," "Channel" and the "Home" or "Menu" button.


Press the "Home" or "Menu" button, depending on what your TV model says, and the menu will be displayed on your TV's screen. To operate the menu, you will have to use the "Volume" and "Channel" buttons to scroll through the various menu options.

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