How to Activate the Reliance Mobile's Conference Call Feature

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Reliance Communications offers conference calling as one of its many communication features.

Reliance Communications is a communication company in India offering many different phone and Internet options. One of Reliance Communications features is the conference call option. In order to utilize this function, you either need to have the conference call option as part of your Reliance Communications package or you need to contact them to add this feature to your plan.


Step 1

Dial the number for the first person you wish to speak to and wait for your party to answer the phone to ensure the connection.

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Step 2

Press the "Call" key on your phone's keypad.


Step 3

Dial the number for the second person you wish to be on the conference call and wait for the person to answer to ensure the connection.


Step 4

Press the "3" key on your phone's keypad.

Step 5

Press the "Call" key on your phone's keypad. You will now be connected to both parties.



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