How to Add More Memory to a Cell Phone

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How to Add More Memory to a Cell Phone. Today's phones can play music, take pictures, take video clips and browse the Internet. All these capabilities are possible, but most phones need more memory to store some of the information. Manufacturers have built in the capability to extend the memory available in your phone by adding a memory card. The cards in general are similar to the memory cards used in digital cameras except smaller.


Step 1

Turn off the phone. This article is referring to the Motorola RAZR phone. Your phone details will vary but the general points will be applicable. Refer to your own User Guide for exact instructions. You can turn off the phone by pressing and holding the "Send" key.

Step 2

Turn the phone over and look for the "Battery Cover Latch" at the end near the hinge. Press the latch and carefully remove the cover. Inside the back of the phone, you will see the battery at the top near the hinge and below that you will see the "SIM" card that is provided by your cellular phone company. Next to that card is a slot for the expanded memory card to be placed.


Step 3

Orient the card as illustrated on the sticker inside the back of the phone. Slide the card under the metal clip at the back of the phone. Replace the back cover and turn your phone back on.


Be very careful when you have the cover off the back of the phone. Don't force the card to fit. If you have problems take the phone and card to a retailer of your provider and have them help you install the device.