How to Add Text in Apple iMovie

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Add text to a movie on your Mac using Apple’s iMovie application.

As you work on a movie project in iMovie, the movie-making application Apple installs on every Mac, you may realize you need to add some text. For example, you could put the title of the movie near the beginning, followed by the names of the actors, the writer and director. You can also add text at the beginning of a scene to tell the viewers the location and date or add credits at the end of the movie.


Step 1

Click the thumbnail of a video clip in the "Project Viewer" window of the iMovie application. The clip appears in the "Viewer" window.

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Step 2

Click the "Titles" button below the "Viewer" window. The list of title styles appears, including "Upper," "Soft Edge" and "Scrolling Credits."


Step 3

Drag a title style onto the thumbnail of the video clip in the "Project Viewer" window to add a text box to the video. The text box initially contains the name of the title style. Drag the title style to the center of the thumbnail of a video clip to make the title span the entire clip. Drag the title style to the left side of the thumbnail to align the title with beginning of the clip, or drag the title style to the right side of the thumbnail to align the text with the end of the clip.


Step 4

Click the text box on the video clip in the "Viewer" window to select it.


Step 5

Type the text you want to see superimposed over the video clip.

Step 6

Click the "Play" button in the top right corner of the "Viewer" window to see how the text looks on the video clip.


Step 7

Drag a title style to a space between thumbnails of two clips to add titles over a single-colored background or graphic that will connect the two clips. A window appears. Click on the thumbnail of a background color or graphic to insert it between the two video clips that you are bridging with text.



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