How to Auto Dial & Speed Dial on a Panasonic Phone

Learn how to auto dial and speed dial on a Panasonic phone.

Panasonic is a Japanese company that produces consumer electronics in a wide array of systems. One of the large domains Panasonic appears under is the home and business corded phones. If you have a Panasonic phone that you use on a regular basis, you may want to take advantage of the Auto- or Speed-dial feature, which may be called something different depending on your model. You can easily store and use your stored number to save a lot of time every day instead of having to manually enter the numbers each time you want to make calls.

Storing Auto or Speed Dial

Step 1

Lift the headset and wait for a dial tone. Dial *30 to enter the number-storing system.

Step 2

Enter the two-digit number you want to assign to a phone number. For example, the third speed dial would be 0-3 and the 10th would be 1-0.

Step 3

Dial the phone number you want to store after entering the speed assignment using up to 32 digits. If you need to dial number to dial an outside line, as in an office building, make sure to include this when entering the phone number.

Step 4

Press the # key when you finish dialing the phone number and listen to the receiver. Hang up the phone when you hear a tone.

Use Auto or Speed Dial

Step 1

Pick up the receiver and listen for a dial tone. You can also use the speaker function if you don't want to hold the handset.

Step 2

Press the Auto/Speed or Store button on the phone or base to access the stored number menu. Dial * once after pressing the auto button.

Step 3

Dial the two-digit number you assigned to your stored number. The phone will dial the number automatically and connect the call.


Keep a list of the stored numbers and their assigned numbers to have a quick reference for calling. Do not dial too quickly when storing the numbers or you may make a mistake which can lead to improper connections.