How to Reset a Sharp LCD TV for a Home or Store Setting

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Sharp LCD TVs have a separate store setting that shows off the TV's abilities and features. You can switch to home or store mode using the TV's "EZ Setup" menu. The TV automatically launches "EZ Setup" the first time you turn it on, but if you missed the setting, you can run "EZ Setup" at any time using the Sharp TV remote control.


Step 1

Press the "MENU" key on the TV remote control.

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Step 2

Highlight "Initial Setup" using the directional keys, then press the "ENTER" button.

Step 3

Select "EZ Setup" and press "ENTER."


Step 4

Highlight "TV Location" and press "ENTER."

Step 5

Press the arrow key to highlight "Home" or "Store" and press "ENTER."


When you select "Store" mode, the TV will allow you to set the picture reset and feature demo mode. Picture reset mode resets the display settings after 30 minutes, while feature demo mode shows a display explaining the TV's features.