How to Disable Advertisements on a Samsung TV

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If your Samsung TV is showing advertisements about the TV's features, the TV is in Demo or Shop mode. Retailers use this feature to give customers information about the benefits of owning the TV. This mode also resets the TV back to factory settings every 20 minutes, or whenever you turn it off. It's convenient for the retailer, but you probably don't want it on at home, so disable the advertisements and reset function by switching the TV to Dynamic or Home mode.


Step 1

Press the volume up button on the front or side panel of the TV. When the volume bar appears on the screen, hold down the "MENU" button until "Dynamic" or "Dyamic Mode" appears. If it doesn't appear after 10 seconds, try the next step.

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Step 2

Press the volume up or down button on the remote control. When the volume bar appears, hold the "MENU" button down on the TV. If "Dynamic" or "Dynamic Mode" appears after several seconds, the TV is out of Demo or Shop mode. If it doesn't appear, try disabling it through the menus.


Step 3

Switch the TV to the coaxial "TV" source.

Step 4

Highlight "Setup" using the up and down arrow buttons.


Step 5

Press "ENTER" to open the Setup menu.


Step 6

Highlight "Plug & Play" and press "ENTER." The TV walks you through the complete setup process. Select "Home" when the TV prompts you to enter the Picture mode.

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