How to Get Rid of the Demo Mode Motion Flow on My TV

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Higher refresh rates create smoother flow of motion.

One common feature of flat screen HDTVs is the option to select different picture modes to optimize the video in different viewing environments. One such mode is a store demo mode, which heightens the brightness of the screen to be better seen in a brightly-lit showroom. One aspect of HDTV pictures is the refresh rate, which determines the smoothness of motion between the rapidly-advancing frames of video. With Sony HDTVs, this is known as MotionFlow, while other manufacturers use different terminology. The demo mode can be disabled through the settings of the TV, though the process to do so will differ by make and model.


Step 1

Press and hold the "Home" button on either the front of the TV or the remote control, for Sony models that feature this button. Hold the button until the message "Demo Mode: off" appears on the screen. The TV will then switch to a standard picture mode.

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Step 2

Press the "Info" button on your remote control if you have a Samsung flat-screen TV. Look for the message "Store Mode" or "Store Demo" just below the center of the screen to confirm the TV is in Shop Mode. Press the "Volume" button on the side of the TV or the remote and press "Menu" on the side of the TV (must be on the TV, not the remote) for roughly seven seconds. Wait for the message "Home Mode" before releasing the button. Or, press the "Menu" or "TV" button on the remote and scroll to the "Setup" menu. Press "Enter" to begin the Plug & Play feature and select "Home Mode" when prompted.


Step 3

Press and hold the "Vol-" button if you have a Panasonic HDTV and you see the message "Now in Picture Refresh Mode. Going to reset setting." Then press the "CH+" button on the remote control three times while still holding the "Vol-" button. Use the down arrow key on the remote to scroll down to "Demo Mode." Press the right arrow key to set Demo Mode to "Off" and press "Exit" to exit the menu.


Step 4

Press "Menu" on the remote control if you have a Vizio HDTV and the TV is in Retail Mode, which causes information about your TV's features to display on the screen. Scroll to select "Help," "System Reset" and then "Start Setup Wizard" to initiate the Setup Wizard. Enter the PIN number (0000 is the default PIN) and begin the setup process; set the TV to "Home Mode" when you see that option.


Step 5

Press "Menu" and enter the "Setup" menu if you have a Toshiba HDTV and the TV is displaying messages about the TV's features. Scroll down to "Location" and use the left or right arrow key to select the "Home" mode. Press "Exit" to exit the menu.




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