How to Become Top Rated at Badoo

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How to Become Top Rated at Badoo. It has become very popular to post pictures on the internet. You may often wonder who is looking at your photos and what they think of you. Badoo is an online community that allows its members to rate each other. They also let you see who has rated you and what rating they gave you.


Step 1

Choose or take photographs. You need at least three pictures before anyone can rate you on Badoo. Have fun taking pictures or pick from your recent photos. Pick photos that complement you and show off your best assets.

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Step 2

Upload your photos. Badoo makes uploading your pictures very easy. Read the "terms of use" before you upload any photographs. There are rules and regulations that you must follow as a member of Badoo.


Step 3

Wait. Be patient as other members look at your photos and rate them. It may take some time before you become top rated on Badoo. As long as you remain active on Badoo, you will become top rated before you know it.

Step 4

Rate other members. By rating other members, this will increase traffic to your profile. Hopefully, this will increase your rating as others visit your profile. This will also help keep your rating high once you have become a top-rated user.



Step 5

Become a "Top-Rated" user. When your average gets high enough, you will become a top-rated member. Badoo also lets you search for other top-rated users in your area or around the world.



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