How to Blend Images Into the Background in PowerPoint

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How to Blend Images Into the Background in PowerPoint. PowerPoint is the preferred slide show program in most office settings. You can create everything from informational slides to dynamic sales presentations. One key to a successful slide show is the appearance of the slides. If slides are too busy or too empty, it can actually take away from a good presentation. And slides are easier to work with when you have the appropriate background. Read on to learn how to blend images into the background in PowerPoint.


Step 1

Insert your images into PowerPoint. You do this the same way you insert a picture in any Microsoft Office project such as copy and paste or the insert function. Once your images are on your slide, adjust them to the location where you want them to be. Then, you can create your text and any other objects on the slide around these images. Make any necessary adjustments to your images so the slide is aesthetically pleasing.


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Step 2

Create your background using another program. Multiple images can be tough to manage on a slide in PowerPoint, especially if you want those images on every slide. But you can actually create your background using Microsoft Publisher, or any other program you prefer. Save your background as a .jpg and you can input that background into PowerPoint. The benefit to this is that your background is saved as one image.



Step 3

Use default templates in PowerPoint. You'll find these default templates already on your computer. Others are available for you to download free from Microsoft. These are already created to be compatible with PowerPoint, and they look very professional. When you use one of these pre-made images, you know your background will work well with your slide show.




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