How to Block Incoming Calls and Texts From a Straight Talk Phone

By Mandy Slake

Straight Talk Cellular does not have the ability to block calls and text messages through their network. Some feature phones have the ability to block calls, but it depends on the model. Check the manual for instructions on your specific phone. If you have a Straight Talk Android or Symbian smartphone you can use the phone's menus to block calls or use a third-party app to block texts.

Blocking Calls on Android Smart Phones

Step 1

Open the application screen on your Straight Talk Android device.

Step 2

Touch "Contacts" and tap the contact you wish to block.

Step 3

Press "Menu" and touch "Options."

Step 4

Check the box labeled "Send to Voicemail."

Blocking Calls on Nokia Smartphones

Step 1

Open the Advanced Call Manager application on your Nokia smartphone.

Step 2

Select "Manage Lists" and choose the option to add a new list.

Step 3

Name the new list and press "OK."

Step 4

Open the list and select the option to add a new number.

Step 5

Enter the number you want to block. You can also select from existing numbers in the contact list by selecting "Phone Book." Repeat for each number you want to block.

Step 6

Select "Active Mode" and choose "Reject From **** List." In the phone, the name of the list you created will display instead of ****.

Step 7

Select "Default action" and choose whether to transmit the call to voicemail or play a busy signal.

Step 8

Select "Options" and choose "Auto Run."

Tips & Warnings

  • To block text messages, you must use third-party software. Check the Android Market for Android devices or the Ovi Store for Nokia smartphones. Choices for Android as of October, 2011 include Mr. Number, Call Guard and SMS Blocker. Nokia Symbian OS choices include SMS Spam Killer, Advanced smsBlocker and Call & SMS Filter.