How to Block Netflix

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Protect your little ones from questionable content by restricting Netflix access.

Although Netflix contains family television shows and movies, it also has a large selection of PG-13 and R-rated movies that are inappropriate for children to watch. In order to prevent your children from gaining access to the site's questionable content, the parental controls feature on your Macintosh or Windows-based PC restricts the site on your child's computer account. Once the site is added to the restricted sites list, your child is prompted to enter your administrator password to bypass the site restriction.

Windows Parental Controls

Step 1

Click "Start" on the desktop menu, click "Control Panel" and "Set Up Parental Controls," located under the "User Accounts" header.

Step 2

Enter your administrator password, and click your child's account name.

Step 3

Click "On" in the Parental Controls section, and click "Windows Vista Web Filter."

Step 4

Click "Block some websites or content" and "Edit the Allow and Block list."

Step 5

Type "" and click "Block."

Macintosh Parental Controls

Step 1

Click "System Preferences" on your Macintosh's dock, and click "Parental Controls."

Step 2

Click your child's account in the Parental Controls side menu, and click "Enable Parental Controls."

Step 3

Click the "Content" tab, and click "+" in the "Never allow these sites" section. Enter ""

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Vista or later

  • Mac OS X v.10.5 or later