How to Block Telemarketer Numbers From My TracFone

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Telemarketers are usually just doing their jobs, but that doesn't mean their calls are welcome.

Telemarketing calls are often inconvenient and annoying. Many telemarketers earn their money from successful sales calls, and they can adopt persistent and rude tactics to close deals. But the Federal Trade Commission now offers a solution for those who don't want to receive such calls. Since July 2003, the FTC has provided a "National Do Not Call Registry," where anyone can register a phone number where solicitation calls are not wanted. Placing your phone number on this list will drastically reduce the amount of sales calls your phone will receive.


Step 1

Visit the National Do Not Call Registry site at

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Step 2

Select the Register a Phone Number option on the left side of the home page.

Step 3

Enter your TracFone number in the spaces indicated, putting your area code in the left-hand box and the remainder of your number on the right. Add up to two more numbers you want placed in the Registry.


Step 4

Enter your email address and confirm it in the spaces provided. Choose Submit.

Step 5

Verify your information, then click on Register.

Step 6

Check your email for a message from Complete your registration by clicking on the indicated link in the email message.


The Do Not Call Registry service is open to any land line or cell phone number, including, but not limited to, TracFone numbers.

The Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Call helpline number is 1-888-382-1222. Use this number to apply by phone.

The Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007 guarantees that numbers entered into the National Do Not Call Registry will remain there indefinitely.

It often takes several weeks for a newly registered number to be removed from various databases. If your number has been registered for more than 31 days and you are still being contacted by telemarketers, you can file a complaint on the Registry site. You can file a complaint about automated phone calls even if you do not have a number filed in the Registry.

If the confirmation link in the Registry email does not work, "copy" and "paste" the text into your browser's "address" bar and press Enter on your keyboard.

Use the Verify a Registration option on the Registry's homepage to confirm your numbers placement on the Do Not Call list.

Please note: Debt collectors, charities, surveyors and political groups are still permitted to call numbers on the Registry.