How to Look at Someone's Call History Without Looking on Their Phone

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It isn’t easy for someone else to access that data without having your phone.
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Your cellphone is jam-packed with information about your daily communications. It isn't easy for someone else to access that data without having your phone. However, from number busy check apps to online account logins, there are multiple ways to access someone's call activities without having access to the person's phone.


Track Mobile Number Call Details

You can track a mobile number's call details much more easily if that number is on your own cellphone plan. If you're trying to monitor your child's call activity, for instance, most cellphone providers will let you see the incoming and outgoing phone numbers. You can also research how long each call lasted to get a feel for whether you have reason to be concerned.

In many cases, you can pull your cellphone call history online free by just logging into your cellphone billing account. With Verizon, for instance, those listed as the Account Owner and Account Manager can see bill details, including call histories for all the numbers on that account. If you have children, this is a great way to monitor the incoming and outgoing calls, although you won't be able to see what texts were exchanged or hear voicemails.


Apps for Tracking Phone Calls

Apps can also help you monitor someone's cell phone call history online free. However, in order to get this type of tracking to work, you'll need to access someone's phone to install the app. If it's your child, that shouldn't be a problem, but these apps aren't meant to be used to spy on other adults.

One popular app to track mobile number call details is KidsGuard Pro, which doesn't just tell you what calls are coming in and going out. You'll also be able to see their contacts, locations, messages through various apps and more. Highster Mobile is an alternate option that provides data on calls and texts, as well as browser history and social media activities.


Another helpful app is Truecaller, which has an Availability option that turns it into a number busy check app. In other words, if you're interested in calling someone but you aren't sure if the person is available, you can look in the Truecaller app to see if the number has a red dot next to it indicating the line is currently active. The dot turns green once the line is free.

Pull Call Logs for Non-Family

In some cases, the person you're checking up on isn't on your cellphone plan. Although there are number busy check apps and other tools, in most cases, you can't peek into someone's call activity if you aren't an account owner on that person's cellphone plan. If the calls are somehow related to a legal case, though, you may be able to get an attorney to request the information through the courts.


In such a legal case, it will also help to not have a documented history of trying to check someone's cell phone call history online free. If you're going through a divorce, for instance, it can look bad that you were trying to spy on the person. It's best to turn the request over to your attorney and keep things as legitimate as possible.