How to Check the Phone Call History for MetroPCS Online

By Kristy Robinson

MetroPCS offers subscribers access to call records for a small monthly fee through their free online account access. Once registered, users have access to the list of calls made with listed by the number dialed, length of time for outgoing and incoming calls and charges incurred by the call if the subscriber is not on an unlimited calling plan. The Call Detail feature can be used to track phone calls, retrieve important phone numbers or monitor usage of the phone.

Things You'll Need

  • Call Detail subscription

Step 1

Visit the MetroPCS website. Highlight "Support" located near the top right of the screen. A drop down list will display. Scroll down and click "My Account."

Step 2

Log in by entering your username and password in the spaces provided. Click "Submit." If you have never signed in online, click "Begin Registration" to set up your account. You will need to have the phone and account security information available to complete registration. There is no charge for access to basic My Account services. Once registration is complete you will be able to log in immediately.

Step 3

Click the drop down box next to "MetroPCS Phone Number" and select the number you would like to view call detail records for. The phone will display with information on the phones account balances and a picture of the phone.

Step 4

Click "Call Details" located under "Account Usage & Activity" near the top center of the page if you have a monthly or weekly subscription. A new page will generate with "Unlimited Call Usage" and a list of the phone numbers that have been called and the length of time of each call.

Step 5

Click "Financial Transactions and Usage" under "Account Usage & Activity" if you are subscribed to a By the Minute account. Information will display about each transaction including calls, payments and data usage along with rate information and balance on the account.

Tips & Warnings

  • To see individual call details each subscriber, or phone line, on the account must be subscribed to the "Call Detail" feature, which is the given name for access to detailed call logs.
  • Only active accounts will have access to My Account services.