How to Check Call History on Cell Phone Numbers

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Your call history archives every call that you dial out or receive from your cell phone, as well as calls you have missed. Each category has a separate call history list. If you wish to find a number you dialed or received, you can either go straight to the "Dialed" or "Received" call history list, respectively. Call history logs show the date a call was made or received, the number or person from your contacts, and total length of that call. The Samsung Intensity and Blackberry 9500 series devices are used in this article as examples for typical cell phones and smart phones, but instructions may vary slightly for other models.

Cell Phone

Step 1

Click on the "Menu" button on your Samsung Intensity cell phone home screen.

Step 2

Click on the "Recent Calls" tab or menu option. (Cell phone layouts and preferences will vary by user.) Calls are separated into four categories: Missed, Received, Dialed and All.

Step 3

Select and click on a category to view the respective lists for calls you have recently missed, received or made. Most phones archive call history information for 90 to 100 calls in each category.

Smart Phone

Step 1

Press your "Send" button on your Blackberry 9500 series device followed by the "Menu" button on your cell phone home screen.

Step 2

Select the link for "Options" and then select "Call Logging." As smart phone models do vary, exact names for links may vary, but should be similar enough to identify. (Refer to your cell phone manual for assistance if you are having trouble finding these links.)

Step 3

Click on "All Calls" and then click on the icon that corresponds with the call history list you want to check. For example, if you want to view all dialed calls, click on the phone icon with an outbound arrow above it. To view all received calls, click on the phone icon with an arrow pointing to the phone above it. To view missed calls, click on the phone icon with an X above it. Calls are archived on your smart phone device for 30 days, unless you manually delete each individual call log.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone

  • Cell phone user manual (optional)