How to Delete Phone Numbers on a Cell Phone

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Cell phones house a great deal of information about our behaviors and routines. If you would like to remove traces of the calls you have made or received or simply would like to remove a contact from your cell phone list, it can be done in under 1 minute directly from your cell phone's call log.


Step 1

Enter into your call log via the "Start Menu". Each phone has a different "Start Menu" by you will likely see "Call Log" on the first page of the phone's menu.

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Step 2

Scroll to the number you would like to delete. It should be highlighted in blue when you get to the correct number. Hit the "OK" tab on your phone. The number will appear with the information regarding when the call was made or received.


Step 3

Click on the "Menu" button located in the lower left hand corner of the screen. A list of options will pop up. Scroll to the bottom and highlight the "Delete call" option. Click on the option.


Step 4

A prompt will appear that asks if you would like to delete the call. Highlight "OK" and click on it. The call will be deleted from your recent calls list.


Step 5

To delete a number from the address book all together follow the same steps but instead of "Delete Call" highlight the "Delete Contact" option located in the same menu. Follow the same steps to delete it as you would to delete a call.



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