How To Check Who Called

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Miss a call? Worried it was from someone important? With caller ID, missed call alerts, and *69, it's easy to find out who called, even if she didn't leave a message.

Checking Missed Calls on a Cell Phone

Step 1

Each cell phone's menu is different, so open your phone's menu and find the "recent calls" (or a similarly named) section.

Step 2

Under "recent calls," there should be a "missed calls" menu. Open the menu, and you will see the caller's number (or name, if the number is programmed into your phone).

Step 3

Cell phones often list recent calls under a "talk" button menu. Press the "talk" or "send" button to see a list of recent calls. The one you missed will be marked with a missed call symbol, such as a red X.

Checking Missed Calls on a Home Phone

Step 1

If your home phone has caller ID, it will have a log of recent calls. Scroll through the list to find the number/name of your missed call.

Step 2

If you do not have caller ID, dial *69 to find out where your most recent call came from. You can also do this on your cell phone.

Step 3

If you have only a number, and not a name, for your missed call, use an online reverse look-up service such as to get the name. Enter the number and the service will tell you to whose number it is.


69 charges you each time you use the service, so use it as a last resort. 69 does not work with restricted or unlisted phone numbers.