How To Check Who Called

By Angela Stefano

Miss a call? Worried it was from someone important? With caller ID, missed call alerts, and *69, it's easy to find out who called, even if she didn't leave a message.

Checking Missed Calls on a Cell Phone

Step 1

Each cell phone's menu is different, so open your phone's menu and find the "recent calls" (or a similarly named) section.

Step 2

Under "recent calls," there should be a "missed calls" menu. Open the menu, and you will see the caller's number (or name, if the number is programmed into your phone).

Step 3

Cell phones often list recent calls under a "talk" button menu. Press the "talk" or "send" button to see a list of recent calls. The one you missed will be marked with a missed call symbol, such as a red X.

Checking Missed Calls on a Home Phone

Step 1

If your home phone has caller ID, it will have a log of recent calls. Scroll through the list to find the number/name of your missed call.

Step 2

If you do not have caller ID, dial *69 to find out where your most recent call came from. You can also do this on your cell phone.

Step 3

If you have only a number, and not a name, for your missed call, use an online reverse look-up service such as to get the name. Enter the number and the service will tell you to whose number it is.

Tips & Warnings

  • *69 charges you each time you use the service, so use it as a last resort.*69 does not work with restricted or unlisted phone numbers.

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