How to Burn a DVD Audio Disc

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If you have music or other audio files that you either downloaded or created on your computer yourself, you may wish to burn a DVD audio disc so that you can play the files on your DVD player. Note that this is not the same as burning them to a CD, which you will need to do to allow your CD player to read them. This process is very easy, but the actual burning of the data will take a while, probably one hour or longer.



Step 1

Click on the "Start" button in the bottom left of your computer's screen. Roll your cursor over the spot where it says "All Programs" and find your DVD burning application. If you don't have one, download one online. Some good ones are Roxio Creator for the PC, Roxio Toast for the Mac and Nero BackItUp & Burn (See Resources). Note that these programs are not free downloads, but Nero offers a limited-time free trial.


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Step 2

Double click on your burning program's name in the program files list to launch the application. After you do this, push the button on the front of your DVD drive, which will be on the front or the side of your machine depending on its layout. Insert your DVD-R or DVD-RW. Push the button again to close the drive. Don't try to close it manually.


Step 3

Look at the top of your burning application's window. Click on the button on the left that looks like a speaker or a musical note. Choose the "Music DVD" option.

Step 4

Open a finder window by clicking on "Start" and then "Search." Browse until you find the audio files you want to burn to your DVD. Click on each file one at a time and drag it to the window for your burning program. It will specify exactly where to drag your tracks.



Step 5

Look at the choices available in the "Options" window of your burning software. For example, you can make it so your disc automatically plays when you put it in your DVD drive, shuffles or plays continuously, or has 192 Dolby digital sound. Just check the boxes before any options you would like to apply to the disc.


Step 6

Look for the red "Burn" button and click on it to start the copying process. Leave your DVD in the drive until the action is complete. Check back every 10 minutes to ensure there aren't any problems.




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