How to Cancel a Cricket Phone

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Cricket offers you an alternative to contract-type phones by offering phones without contracts, deposits or infuriating early termination fees. If you possess a prepaid PayGo phone, canceling is as simple as not recharging the minutes on your phone. However, to cancel the regular Cricket service, you need to call the company to request cancellation. There is no easy, automated method for canceling service, presumable by design rather than fault.


Step 1

Call 800-CRICKET and choose to talk to a representative.

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Step 2

Verify your account information by answering the representative's questions. Be prepared to verify name, phone numbers, partial billing information and address. Cricket only allows authorized users to disconnect service.

Step 3

Tell the representative you would like to cancel your account. He will undoubtedly try to keep you as a customer. Be polite but firm, and insist that your account be canceled. While you have the representative on the phone, verify that no additional fees will be assessed. There should not be any, but it's always good to double-check.