How to Cancel BitDefender's Automatic Renew

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BitDefender provides updates for its antivirus programs to users with BitDefender subscriptions. BitDefender subscriptions automatically renew by default, charging the credit card associated with your purchase. While the auto-renew feature ensures your subscription is always current and that you have the latest updates for BitDefender, if you've switched to a new antivirus program you won't want to renew your BitDefender subscription. You can cancel the automatic renewal feature from the Contact Us page on the BitDefender online store. After you cancel automatic renewal, you can continue to receive updates for BitDefender until your purchased subscription time expires.


Step 1

Open the Contact Us page on

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Step 2

Type your order number into the "Order Number" box. You can find this number on the email or receipt of your original BitDefender purchase.


Step 3

Type the email address associated with your BitDefender subscription into the two email address boxes on the page.

Step 4

Click the "Please Select a Subject" box and select "Cancel Auto-Renew" in the list.



Step 5

Click the "More Specifically" box and select "Please Cancel Auto-Renew on My Subscription."

Step 6

Type a comment asking BitDefender to cancel your subscription into the "Describe the Problem" box.

Step 7

Click the "Send Email" button on the Contact Us page. BitDefender will respond to your request by email.

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