How to Change a Tiny URL

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Use TinyURL to shorten long web addresses.

TinyURL is a URL shortening service that allows users to convert long web addresses into short, easy-to-remember ones. The reduced character count makes these short URLs perfect for posting on services such as Twitter that allow only a certain number of characters per message. If you have previously used the TinyURL service to shorten a URL but you would now like to create a different short URL pointing to the same page, you can do so by creating a custom alias.


Step 1

Copy the URL you'd like to shorten by highlighting it in the address bar of your browser, then pressing "Control" and "X" on a PC or "Command" and "X" on a Mac.

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Step 2

Visit the TinyURL website. (See References.) Paste the long URL into the box at the top of the page by clicking on the box and then pressing "Control" and "V" on a PC or "Command" and "V" on a Mac. Do not click the "Make TinyURL!" button yet; if you do, you will be given the same shortened URL that you received previously.


Step 3

Locate the "Custom alias" option below the box into which you have pasted the long URL. Type in any combination of letters, numbers and dashes that you'd like to create for the new short URL. When you've created one you're happy with, click "Make TinyURL!" If the custom alias you created has already been taken, you will need to enter a different one until you receive confirmation that your new TinyURL was created.




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