How to Create a Facebook ID

By Will Conley

Facebook lets you set your ID to anything you choose, if it is not already claimed by another Facebook user. This creates a unique URL for your Facebook profile in the form of "" -- that makes it easy to share with others. Rather than search for you on Facebook, your friends and family can simply type your Facebook profile URL into a browser's address bar. You can change your unique Facebook ID only once.

Step 1

Sign into your Facebook account at

Step 2

Type "" (without the quotes) into the address bar of your browser, then press "Enter."

Step 3

Type a desired ID into the box and click "Check Availability." The username must contain only alphanumeric characters (at least five). Alternatively, click a username Facebook suggests based on your real name.

Step 4

Click "Confirm" if Facebook notifies you that the ID you typed is available. If the ID is not available, enter a different one and click "Confirm" until you discover one that is available.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make your Facebook ID easy to remember, if possible. That way you can easily direct your friends to the URL.