How to Find a Person From Their Facebook ID

By Jim Campbell

Facebook assigns each new user a unique identification number. You use this identification number in the Facebook URL to find a user. The user's profile displays, and you can submit a Facebook friend request or read the user's Wall posts using the identification number in the URL's "ID" querystring.

Things You'll Need

  • Facebook user ID

Step 1

Open a Web page, and navigate to the Facebook main website at

Step 2

Log in to your Facebook account. In the upper-left corner click your name next to your Facebook Wall photo. Notice the URL contains your Facebook ID.

Step 3

Replace your Facebook ID in the URL with your friend's ID. The following URL is an example of a Facebook URL with a user's ID inserted in the "ID" "100001222333" with your own ID.

Step 4

Press "Enter" to navigate to the user's Facebook Wall.