How to Find Someone's Facebook URL

By Theon Weber

In addition to its searchable name, every Facebook user has an individual URL -- a Web address -- that links directly to their Facebook page. Some users have customized names for themselves in their URLs, others simply have a long number assigned to their account. Either way, you can note someone's URL as long as you can get to their Facebook page.

Step 1

Log into Facebook and type a name into the "Search" bar. As you type, a list of Facebook users will appear below, changing to conform to the letters you enter. The highlighted user at the top of the list is the one Facebook thinks you're most likely to be looking for.

Step 2

Press "Enter" if the correct user has been highlighted, or click on a different one. This will bring up the user's Facebook page. If you're not friends with this person, the page may be partially or entirely restricted, but that doesn't matter.

Step 3

Look in your browser's address bar and note the URL. This may take the format "," where "username" is the person's specially selected Facebook address, or it may be the less personal "," where "xxxxxx" is a set of numbers unique to this person's account. Either way, this is the account's Facebook URL.

Step 4

Confirm the URL, if you like, by clicking the "Info" link beneath the person's profile picture, then scrolling down to the Contact section. The Facebook URL will appear in this section, under "Facebook," unless the person's privacy settings have hidden it. If so, you'll still be able to obtain the URL from the address bar.