How to Change an Outgoing Message on a LG Cell Phone

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Changing your voicemail greeting on a LG cell phone is easy to do.

Changing your voicemail options on a LG handset is quite simple. Depending on your wireless provider, you may have been given a standard greeting, or you may have to activate your voicemail service before you can even choose an outgoing message. Whichever the case might be, you can change the greeting to one that you feel is appropriate for you, whether you record it yourself or choose an automated one.


Step 1

Dial the number provided to you by your wireless network to access your voicemail. If you have a voice activated LG cell phone, simply say "voicemail" in order to access your voicemail mailbox options. If you have chosen a security passcode, you will be prompted to enter it at this point. Depending on your wireless provider, you will have different voice mailbox options. Press the number that relates to changing your outgoing message.


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Step 2

Choose a standard outgoing message. Depending on your network provider, you will be given two options for an automated outgoing message. The first is a standard greeting where the caller is told to leave a message, the second is an automated voice that reads out your cell phone number. Choose the number pertaining to the automated message you want to use in order to change the greeting.


Step 3

Record a personal greeting. If you choose not to go with an automated greeting, you can record your own. Enter your voicemail greeting options, and press the number that relates to recording a personal greeting. Follow the automated instructions to record your greeting. You will be given the option to listen to your recorded greeting, re-record your greeting or save your greeting, before it is accepted.


Step 4

Save the outgoing greeting and exit the system by following the automated prompts.

Step 5

Call your voicemail box from another phone to hear how the greeting sounds. Dial your cell phone number from another phone and do not pick up your cell phone when it rings. This will take you straight into your voicemail greeting. If you want to change the greeting, go back into your voicemail greeting options to choose or record another greeting.