How to Change Email Options in Microsoft Outlook

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How to Change Email Options in Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is a popular computer program designed to manage your email, calendar, contacts and more. Used personally and professionally by many people, Outlook gives users a wide range of options in terms of how the program handles information. Follow these steps to change the email options in Microsoft Outlook.


Step 1

Open up the Microsoft Outlook program and select "Tools" from the menu at the top. Then, choose "Options." A box will pop up with a number of different tabs across the top. Click on the "Preferences" tab. You will see a list of the different areas of Outlook, including Email, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Notes.

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Step 2

Focus on the Email section, which includes two buttons: "Junk Email" and "Email Options."

Step 3

Select the "Junk Email" button to change how your emails are filtered. You can choose the level of protection you prefer, ranging from no protection (all emails are sent to your inbox) to safe lists only (only messages sent from addresses on your safe list are sent through to your inbox). You can also add or remove addresses to your safe list and block specific senders while in the Junk Email menu.


Step 4

Return to the previous menu and click on the "Email Options" button. From this menu you can adjust the way Outlook processes your messages. For example, you can choose to have a notification message display when new mail arrives, automatically save unsent messages or alter the appearance of your reply emails.

Step 5

Select the "Advanced Email Options" button for additional choices. This menu lets you determine where to save unsent messages, how often the Autosave function should run, whether or not a sound should play when a new message arrives and much more.


Step 6

Click on the "Tracking Options" button to change how your messages are tracked. While in this menu, you can choose to have all the messages you send have a read receipt and/or a delivery receipt and elect to have Outlook automatically process email receipts upon arrival.