How to Change Languages on a TracFone

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TracFone is a brand name for a prepaid cell phone. You can buy the phone, then load prepaid minutes onto it. TracFones are great for people who want to avoid contracts or monthly fees. There are a lot of features on TracFones. A popular feature is the ability to change the phone's language setting. This is extremely beneficial for those who don't speak English well. You may be surprised to find that changing the language setting on your TracFone is fast and easy.


Step 1

Turn on the TracFone by holding down the red power button. The power button is located on the right side of the phone, with the words "End" and "PWR" written in red. Hold down this button until the screen lights up.

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Step 2

Press the dot button located in the middle of four arrows. The arrows will be on a circular ring, with the dot button inside the ring. Once you press the dot button, the screen reveals several icons.


Step 3

Use the small arrow buttons on the TracFone keypad to navigate through the icons. Press the arrow buttons until you reach the icon with the tools on it. Once this icon is highlighted, the word "Settings" should appear above the icons.

Step 4

Press the dot button surrounded by the arrow buttons on the keypad. This takes you into the settings location on your TracFone.



Step 5

Use the arrows to scroll down until the words "Initial Setup" are highlighted. Press the dot button to go to the language choices on your TracFone.

Step 6

Scroll down the list until you reach the language you want. Once the language is highlighted, press the dot button. You TracFone should now reset itself automatically to the language you have chosen.

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