How to Change the Region of a DVD Player

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Region-specific DVD players are a problem when you've got an out-of-region DVD you're dying to watch. Fortunately, there is a way to bypass such restrictions on most DVD players. There are several websites that will instruct you on your specific player.

Step 1

Look at your DVD player and find the name of the company that produced it. Then, find the product number. For example: a DVD 622 model from Phillips.


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Step 2

Go to a website such as to find DVD hack codes. The players will often be listed by the company name first and model number second. If you can't locate your DVD player on the website, type the model number and the company into a search engine to see if any other sites have the hack there.


Step 3

Follow the steps on the website. Here are the steps for the Phillips DVD 622: 1. Hold the stop button on the remote until the disc tray opens. 2. Press the numbers 2812 on your remote to access the region menu. 3. Press the OK button to set the region code to 9. 4. Turn the player off and wait several minutes.



Step 4

Test your DVD player with a previously unplayable DVD. If it doesn't work, check the web to see if there are any other codes listed for your player.



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