How to Check an iTunes Statement

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iTunes maintains detailed billing statements for item purchased using your account.

iTunes lets you purchase songs, audio books, videos, books and various apps. When you purchase items, iTunes creates a statement that groups your purchases by date and assigns an order number for the purchases. If you want to review previous purchases or suspect that you have a billing issue, you can view your purchase statements within iTunes. Each statement lists the items purchased, each item's price, the total cost with sales tax and the payment method used. You can also report billing problems for any statement.


Step 1

Open iTunes if it's not already open and then click "iTunes Store" under "Store" in the left pane. Click the "Sign In" link in the upper right corner of the iTunes Store. Type your iTunes account credentials and click "Sign In."

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Step 2

Click your email address that appears where the "Sign In" link previously appeared. Retype your account credentials and click "View Account" to access the "Account Information" page.


Step 3

Click the "Purchase History" button in the second section of the page. This brings up a list of your most recent orders under the "Previous Purchases" section. Click the "Previous" button to view a list of earlier invoices or "Next" to return to more recent invoices. Click the arrow button beside any order date to view a detailed statement for that specific date and order number. After opening and viewing a single statement, click "Done" to return to your list of statements.


Step 4

Click the "Done" button on the main "Purchase History" page after you finish browsing your statements.



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