How to Check How Many Texts You Have Sent on a Verizon Phone

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Verizon Wireless offers cell phone service that allows users to make phone calls, access the Internet and send text or picture messages. Monitoring your text message usage can help prevent you from going over your monthly message allowance and incurring a high bill. You can check your data usage directly from your Verizon phone by dialing specific codes.


Step 1

Turn on your Verizon Wireless phone. Use the dialpad to dial "#DATA" or "#3282" and press "Send."

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Step 2

Listen to the automated message to hear the current usage of your Verizon phone. The message will tell you about your current text message, picture message and data usage for the month.


Step 3

Press the numeric prompt during the message to have a text message with your data usage information sent to your phone. Check your message inbox to view the message, which is sent free of charge from Verizon.




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