How to Check if Norton Is Running

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Current versions of Norton anti-virus programs are designed to run in the background when your PC is idle to minimize the effect on computer performance when other programs are in use. Indeed, the Norton security program is so discreet that you may want to determine if it is actually running on your computer or if it needs to be restarted.


Step 1

Check the Windows system tray to see if the Norton logo is visible, indicating that the software is running.

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Step 2

Restart your computer if the Norton logo is not visible and check to see if it reappears. Depending on the version of Windows installed on your computer, the system tray icon could disappear during prolonged usage of the operating system.


Step 3

Right-click on the Windows task bar and select the "Properties," "Taskbar," and "Customize" menu options. Select the option beside your Norton anti-virus program to "Always Show" the program icon and status in the task bar.


Step 4

Open the Norton Control Panel by selecting the program icon on your computer's desktop or by choosing from the All Programs sub-menu of the Start menu on your computer. There will be a white check mark on a green background with the word "Secure" displayed if the Norton application is online.



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