How to Check Internet Speed

Internet service providers compete for your business by promising you top Internet speeds for your computers and various devices, but the only way to know if your ISP is following through is to test and verify its claims. The best way to check how fast your Internet is running is by measuring your upload and download speeds.

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Check to see if your Internet service provider is giving you all the speed it promises.
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Open your preferred browser and access the Internet.


Navigate to one of the free Internet speed check sites, such as Ookla's, or go to your Internet provider's website and locate the site's speed testing tools.


Click the "Begin Test" button. The program will scan your Internet connection and calculate how fast you are able to download files. It will then calculate how fast you are able to upload files to the Internet.


Click "Compare your Result" to see where your Internet speed stacks up against other local businesses in your area.


Re-test your speed using the same tool. Compare the two numbers or click "new server" and test the speed using a different server.

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