Syncing a Wii Remote to an iPhone

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When Nintendo released the Wii video gaming platform, the wireless motion sensor technology it used in its controllers revolutionized the way video games are played. This technology, however, is not new and not relegated only to video game consoles. In fact, many touch screen cell phones, including the iPhone, use this technology. With a few simple steps, you can use your iPhone as a game platform and control the game with a Wii controller.


Step 1

Turn on your iPhone and open a supported game emulator. Click "Options" once the emulator is open.

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Step 2

Turn on the "Wiimote Controls" from within the emulator and click "Browse." Then click the "Home" button twice.


Step 3

Open the emulator once again. The screen should show the iPhone searching for a signal from your Wii controller.

Step 4

Sync the Wii controller to the iPhone by pressing the red button under the battery cover of the Wii controller. When you push the red button, you should see that the iPhone has detected the Wii controller.



Step 5

Test the Wii controller to make sure movements on the controller are reflected on the iPhone.

Step 6

Pick a game on the iPhone and start playing.

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