How to Check the Voicemail on Verizon

Image Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Checking voicemail messages for missed calls does not have to be a complicated process. Verizon Wireless makes it simple to do without having to carry a cheat sheet around with you. Whether you are using a simple cell phone, or an enhanced smart phone, the way to access your voicemail messages is the same.

Step 1

Dial into the voicemail system by either pressing and holding the "1" button for two seconds or dialing your 10 digit wireless phone number.

Step 2

Enter your password using the keypad when prompted by the automated message.

Step 3

Press the "1" button on the keypad when the automated voice starts speaking. This will take you directly to your new messages and begin playing them.

If "Autoplay" is turned on, your messages will begin playing automatically without the need to press the "1" button.

Step 4

After listening to each message, press "7" to delete it or "9" to save it.


The "Autoplay" function can be turned on or off by accessing the main menu. Press the " * " button on the keypad after dialing into the voicemail system. Press "4" to access the personal options menu, then press "2" to access the administrative options menu. Now press "6" to access "Autoplay." An automated voice will now speak telling you if "Autoplay" is currently on or off. Follow the automated voice prompts, pressing "1" to turn it on or "2" to turn it off.