How to Check Your Verizon Voicemail From a Landline

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Checking your Verizon voicemail from a landline phone might be necessary if your Verizon Wireless phone is malfunctioning or missing. Unlike with cell phones, landline phones do not have "peak hours" and thus it is always free for you check your Verizon voicemail with any landline phone. When you use your cell phone to check voicemail, the phone automatically connects to the voicemail service. Knowing when to press the right buttons will allow you to enter the Verizon voicemail service via a landline phone.


Step 1

Turn the landline phone on if necessary.

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Step 2

Dial your Verizon wireless phone number on the landline phone. Press the "Send" or "Dial" button found on that phone if doing so is necessary to complete the call. A call will be placed to your Verizon phone number.


Step 3

Wait until you hear the Verizon voicemail box message begin to play (either your custom voicemail message or the default voicemail message).

Step 4

Press the "Pound" ("#") button on the landline phone.



Step 5

Type in the password for your Verizon voicemail box. You will then be able to access your Verizon voicemail.

Step 6

Press "1" on the landline phone to listen to your messages, "7" to delete messages and "9" to save the messages.

Step 7

Hang up the phone to exit your Verizon voicemail box.



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