How to Clean a Laser Mouse

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Laser mouse

A laser mouse is a dramatic improvement over the ball mouse, which gets clogged with dust. It's much easier to clean a laser mouse than a ball mouse. On the underside of a laser mouse are four soft pads which allow it to slide. The pads get sticky when dirty, making the mouse hard to move.


Step 1

Turn off your computer to prevent shock while you clean a laser mouse. Place a clean, white piece of paper on your desk. Computer paper works fine.

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Step 2

Hold a laser mouse on the bottom edge of the paper pressing gently. Slide it from bottom to top of paper while applying gentle pressure. You should see a dark streak on the paper from dirt and grease left behind.


Step 3

Look at your mouse pads to see if all grease has been removed. If not, use a fingernail to scrape off any remaining grease.

Step 4

Get a dampened soft cloth or paper towel if the grease is too stubborn to remove with a fingernail. Make sure the cloth or towel is barely damp, not dripping. Moisten the mouse pads. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 until mouse pads are clean.



Step 5

Clean the top and under surface of a laser mouse with a soft, damp cloth. Use rubbing alcohol or mild soap for stubborn grease. If you need to remove dust from the hole containing the laser, use a Q-tip.

Step 6

Dry a laser mouse thoroughly with a soft dry cloth before using. If you accidentally got liquid inside of it, don't use it until it has air dried, which may take several days.

Things You'll Need

  • Piece of clean, white paper

  • Two soft, clean cloths

  • Mild soap

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Q-tip


Clean a laser mouse pad or table with mild soap and water, and dry with a cloth.


Don't use anything sharp to clean a laser mouse, such as a razor or knife blade, because it could scratch or damage the pads.



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