How to Close a Bank Account Online

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Banking is one industry that has embraced the Internet with open arms, allowing you to handle your financial transactions with just a few keystrokes. Online bill payments, electronic fund transfers and mobile deposits have lessened the need to visit a bank branch to conduct business. However, when it comes to closing an account online it is not quite as simple as hitting "delete".


Getting Started

When considering closing a bank account, check to ensure there are no funds available in the account. If funds still are available you need to either transfer them to another account or contact the customer service department noted on your bank's website and request a Cashier's Check in the amount of your balance, explaining that you are opting to close the account. Confirm the correct address to which the check should be sent. Some banks may require a formal written request. For example, TD Bank requires a signed and notarized letter to close an account with an open balance.


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Zero Balances

If your account balance is zero, visit your bank's website and follow the instructions for account closure. Some banks let you do everything on the website by accessing your online account and following the instructions. Others, such as Wells Fargo, Citibank and TD Bank, instruct customers to email a request to a specific mailbox or call a toll-free number. When sending an email, be sure to confirm the account number and provide contact information should your bank have any questions. These instructions routinely are available through the Help or FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) links.


Visiting your bank's local branch is always an option, but it probably will be more convenient for you to follow your bank's online instructions.