How to Close Apps on an Android

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Close running apps on your android to spare your battery.

Your android phone is constantly running applications in the background that not only slow down the device's performance, but also chew away at precious battery life -- something all android users know is scarce. Close any running apps you are not currently using on your android phone to save memory and battery life.


Step 1

Depending on the version of Android your device is running, tap on the menu button, and select "Settings." If you're device doesn't have a menu button, move on to Step 2.

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Step 2

The Settings icon on an Android device.

Launch the Settings app on your device, or tap in "Settings" if your device does have a menu button.


Step 3

Find Applications or Apps in the Settings menu

Tap "Applications" or "Apps."


Step 4

Tap "Manage Applications" or go to Step 5 if the option isn't present.

Step 5

Scroll to the "Running" section in the Manage Applications window.

Select "Running" at the top of your Manage Applications window.



Step 6

Here's a list of your running apps.

View your list of running applications.


Step 7

Select the first app that you are not using and want to close.

Step 8

Tap "Force Stop" or “Stop.”

Tap "Force Stop" or "Stop" and hit your "Go Back" button to view the list again and select your next app.

Step 9

Continue down your list until you've closed all the apps you want to.


If you do not know what the application is running, do not "Force Stop" it. It is probably a system app that needs to running in the background. Only close apps that you are sure you (and your android) do not need to use at the moment.



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