How to Combine Bin Files

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A bin file is the data contained on a CD that has been saved as a single file.

Bin files are essentially copies of CDs or DVDs. They contain all the information from a disc but are easily managed files that can be stored on your computer's hard drive or shared among friends. It takes special software to open and treat them like a disc that has been inserted into your computer. Once your computer is able to read them, you can copy the information in the file and combine two .bin files into a single file.


Step 1

Create one .cue file for each .bin file if one is not already present. Do this by opening a text editor on your computer and copying this text into a blank document:

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FILE "binname.bin" BINARY TRACK 01 MODE1/2352 INDEX 01 00:00:00


Edit "binname" to be the exact name of your .bin file. Click "File" and "Save as," and save the file as binname.cue in the same location on your hard drive as the .bin file. Again, make sure that "binname" in the .cue file name is the exact same as the .bin file.


Step 2

Download and install a CD image-mounting program. Run the program.

Step 3

Right-click on the CD image-mounting program icon in the lower right of your screen or navigate the options. Select the option to "Mount Image," which is likely under a "Virtual Devices" menu. Navigate to your .bin file and double-click on the .cue file you created.


Step 4

Click "Start" > "Computer" if the contents of the .bin file do not automatically appear. Double-click on the listed CD/DVD drive that bears the name of your .bin file. Select all the contents of the disc and copy them to a temporary folder elsewhere on your computer.



Step 5

Return to your CD image-mounting software and mount any other .bin files you have. Copy their contents into the temporary folder you created earlier.

Step 6

Download and install CD burning software if you do not already have some installed on your system. Run the program. Select the option to create a "Data Disc" in the program's burning options.


Step 7

Navigate to the temporary folder you created earlier in the CD burning program's file explorer window. Select all the files from your .bin files on the right side and click on the "Add" button to add them to a single compilation. Click "File" and select the option to save your disc as an ISO image. Name your file and save it to your hard drive to combine your .bin files into a single file.



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