How to Connect a Jawbone to a PC

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A Jawbone is a stylish wireless headset which connects to a mobile phone via Bluetooth technology. The small headset sits comfortably in your ear to allow hands-free conversations. You can also connect your Jawbone to a PC, provided your computer has Bluetooth capability, to use it as a microphone and headset for Internet communication services, such as Skype or Windows Messenger.


Step 1

Prepare your Jawbone. Be sure the Jawbone is fully charged before attempting to connect it to your PC.

Step 2

Open your Bluetooth settings on your PC and activate. Once the settings are open you are ready to "pair" the headset to the PC.


Step 3

Pair your devices. Activate your Jawbone by pressing the headset's "Talk" button for two seconds. Once the headset is active, tell your PC to search for new devices. Your PC should find the headset quickly. After it does, select the Jawbone headset. When prompted, according to the Jawbone User Guide, enter the passcode "0000" to finalize the connection.


Step 4

To use it as a headset, click on "Properties" for the Jawbone. Under the tab "Services" click on the "Headset" box. Also be sure under the "Audio" tab that the Jawbone is listed. From this point you will be able to use your headset with your PC.

Things You'll Need

  • Jawbone headset

  • PC with Bluetooth


Be sure to read your Jawbone's owner's manual, as each model and its pairing instructions may differ slightly.