How to Connect a TV to Computer Speakers

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How to Connect a TV to Computer Speakers
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If you're looking for a quick way to add speakers to your TV set, computer speakers can work. It's possible that the computer speakers could give better sound quality than the TV's built in speakers. You might be able to connect the TV set itself directly to the speakers, but you usually need a certain size set to do that. If you can't connect the speaker directly, there are other options you can use.


Step 1

Check the rear of your TV set for audio output ports--they will be red/white RCA ports. Usually, the set needs to be 26 inches or larger to have them. If there are ports on your TV, you can connect directly to the set; otherwise, you'll have to connect elsewhere, such as the cable box.


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Step 2

If the speaker doesn't have cables attached, connect the speaker to the TV set using standard RCA cables. The speaker might have a 1/8-inch mini stereo cable; in this case, use a mini-to-RCA cable.

Step 3

If you are using a smaller set with no output ports, attach the speaker to your cable or satellite receiver box. The receiver can be connected with the same methods used with the TV set in Step 2, using the RCA audio output ports on the receiver box.


Step 4

When using an antenna alone, use the adapter switch that can link an RF coaxial cable to RCA cables. Connect the antenna to the coaxial port on the switch and use a composite audio/video cable for the TV and speakers. Connect the cable's red and white plugs to the speakers and the yellow plug to the TV's yellow RCA input port.

Things You'll Need

  • TV set (preferably 26 inches or larger)

  • Computer speakers

  • Audio/video cables

  • Coaxial to RCA adapter switch (if needed)


If you are connecting multiple computer speakers, use an amplifier. Connect the amplifier's input to the TV using any of the above methods and then connect the speakers to the amplifier.