How to Connect an iPhone to a TV

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Using an iPhone connected to your television, you can easily watch movies and television, or even listen to music through your TV with downloads from your iPhone. The iPhone can be connect using a special A/V cable and connect straight to your high-definition screen, allowing a consumer to use one piece of technology to handle multiple elements at one time.


Step 1

Plug the male end or the docking end of the A/V cable into the port, located at the bottom of the iPhone. This particular A/C cable will have one end with a docking input that goes into the iPhone, while the other end looks like RCA cables.


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Step 2

Plug the composite cables or RCA cables into the colors on the back of the television where it says "Video In." Be sure to match red to red, and so on; not connecting the cables to the proper color can affect the sound or picture quality displayed on your television screen.


Step 3

Press the "Power" button on the television. Select the input channel on the remote control and set the channel to "Component" or "Video," depending on what type of television you have.


Step 4

Select the "Home" button on the main screen of the iPhone. Using the stylus, select the "More" button, located at the bottom right corner.


Step 5

Tap the "Videos" icon using the stylus and select the video you wish to play. You can also view photos by choosing the "Photos" button under "More" instead of "Videos."