How to Connect Netflix to Insignia TV Without a Streaming Box

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Insignia televisions bring streaming movies right to your living room with Netflix. Using the provided application already available to you on your screen, there's no need to wait for a DVD in the mail. Adding your favorite videos takes minutes via the Netflix website or the on-screen menu. Your Insignia TV provides you the ease of movie rentals without having to leave your home, and never accumulates late fees.


Step 1

Connect your television to your router either wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable. Wireless connections require you input your network security password into the Network Setup settings.

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Step 2

Turn on your Insignia television and locate the Netflix App on the screen. Select the Netflix application.


Step 3

Save the activation code shown on the screen. Sign up for a new Netflix account, if you don't have a subscription yet.

Step 4

Navigate to the Netflix activation page on your computer and enter the code you saved.

Step 5

Add movies to your instant queue, and watch them instantly on your Insignia TV without a streaming box required.


Set the parental controls on Netflix to control what younger viewers may choose from the streaming menus.